Be Prepared To Fight Floods with Flood Insurance


Natural calamities are quite dangerous and are also inevitable. The worst part is that they are unpredictable too. You never know when nature decides to strike back, and there is nothing you could do about it. With an increase in technology, it is possible to declare an area to be prone to any particular type of disaster. Disaster management teams are also able to predict the chance of a disaster and take preventive measures. Flood is one such disaster which can cause a lot of damage to life and property. As such, low lying areas and flood prone areas must make sure to be prepared for such an event.

Flood insurance is available which helps you ensure your valuables in case of flood. There are certain rules and guidelines governing such insurance policies. It covers your home, stores, garage, and other such essentials. However, your car and its parts are not insurable under flood insurance. Even though federal assistance is available in case of floods, one must never rely on them totally. A major problem is that this assistance is provided in the form of a loan. So, you get a loan from the federal government which you have to pay back with interest. It is only to support you when you have lost everything. Insurance cover will help you by providing you the money to recover the losses. One more thing you must remember is that federal assistance is offered to only those people who live in the zones declared by the federal government. It is not offered to every family. This quiz will let you know more about the flood insurance plans.

In case of a flood, one must always be careful. Around 6 inches of water is enough to stall the engine of your car. If it increases to 12 inches, then your car would start floating. Take care of such matters if walking in flood. Moreover, if it is worse, then you must immediately shift to a higher area with essentials like food, medicines, and batteries to keep in touch with the updates of the flood on the radio. For more ideas to combat flood, follow HealthIQ.

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