Skill Shortage is Causing Demand to Oustrip Supply in Cybersecurity Jobs


Every day, we hear some news about a data hack or data breach and find the companies attacked running for cover. This scenario should bring a smile on the faces of those looking for a job demanding cybersecurity skills. The demand in the field is so vast that employers are not able to find the right talent quickly.

According to the ISACA, the security advocacy group, the global market will run through a shortage of two million cyber-security professionals by 2019. According to an estimate from CyberSeek,  40,000 jobs go unfilled every year and employers are facing a hard time trying to fill 200,000 other cyber-security related roles. The supply-demand mismatch is so apparent that for ten jobs advertisements only seven people might reply to one of the ads, let alone apply for the same.

The companies like eBay, Yahoo and others have suffered cyber attacks compromising the data of millions of their customers. It remains quite humiliating for the corporations, and the loss of goodwill may affect their bottom lines to a great extent. According to research by CISCO 29% of the businesses breached lost their revenue. On the black market, health care records reportedly sell for $5 apiece. So the reason is simple for such jobs to remain in demand, and this is the right opportunity for job seekers to get into the field.

Security analysts are in the highest demand among different cybersecurity roles according to recruiting firm Bluestone Recruiting. Security analyst’s primary job is to act as a firewall so that the attackers cannot breach the network and so are among the highest paid in the IT industry.

Managing security is another vital role in the field says, Bonifacic from Bluestone Recruiting. To keep information safe, the security managers take a proactive approach where they anticipate the problems in advance. Senior roles in cybersecurity require one to have professional certifications like a certificate in Information Security Management and as an Information Systems Security Professional.

For the most senior roles such as chief information security officer the compensation can reach up to $400,000, says Bonifacic. The cybersecurity jobs commanded a $6,500 premium over other IT jobs in a 2015 study by analytics firm Burning-Glass.

The best places to look for the cybersecurity career would be the sizeable emerging E-commerce businesses, healthcare sector, and global manufacturing houses. They all need armies of cybersecurity professionals, according to Bonifacic, as do professional services firms like Deloitte and EY.

The field is a boon for those who are coming from companies like Abbott, which have never been breached by the attackers. The resumes of people coming from such prominent, ever safe corporations stand a distinguished look. According to Bonifacic from Bluestone, the person discharging a responsibility in the cybersecurity department at Abbott is well placed to fetch a good job ahead.

A cyber security masters degree provides the training to facilitate its students to have the proper certification in the field of cybersecurity. The programs are quite competitive and compatible according to the needs of the students. So it is better not to miss the chance now, ride the bus when there are plenty of seats available, and become a part of the future as a leader in this vital career.


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