White House Confirms Russian Trespassing on US Election Campaign but Denies it Made any Impact


White House on Thursday has said that joint Intelligence report shows that Russia had interfered in 2016 US election. The claiming from multiple News media and opposition party is running for 6 months. While the ruling government has repeatedly denies the fact. Previously Trump on Twitter refuse the statement saying “Big Dem HOAX” and suggesting that former POTUS, Barack Obama, did a little to confront the problem. It was frequent that Trump says “Fake News” on such topic.

White House now concedes​ the news and it believes that Russia had meddled with US presidential campaign but it didn’t affect the race or result. Trump’s previous press conference and tweets had denied any involvement occurred by Russia by saying it was “Fake News” and overblown. Recently as Tuesday, press secretary Sean Spicer refuse to answer a question about whether Russia interfered with presidential race. Spicer said that he and Trump had “not sat down and talked about the specific thing.”

The investigation result was released in January and reviewed by all 17 intelligence agencies. They​ concluded that Vladimir Putin had personally ordered the interference. According to the report, Russia acts on hacking election campaign of Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Democratic national committee. The intention was to boost Trump engagement on election and hurt Democrats. But the report says that ” it did not make an assessment of the impact that Russian activities on the outcome of the 2016 election.”


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